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Penn State Offer Letter

I just saw this and thought it looked pretty cool. It's the Penn State offer letter sent to Tate Forcier, the uber quarterback recruit everyone is after for the class of 2009. You can view some of the other offer letters that have been sent to Forcier here.

After reading some of the other letters he recieved, the personal touch Joe Paterno puts into each of his letters really stands out. Most letters read like a standard form letter written by a lawyer. They dot the i's and cross the t's. But Joe's letter has some very nice personal flavor to it. Take for instance this line.

Tate, we hope that you will give serious consideration to becoming a part of the Penn State Family and Tradition.

I read all of the posted letters, and Penn State was the one that actually worked his name into the body of the letter. And of course, how can you miss the personal hand written note at the bottom.

P.S. Tate. We hope you have interest in Penn State and that 2008 will be a great year for you.

Joe P

I looked at most of the letters he recieved so far and only Baylor, Michigan, and Wisconsin took the time to jot a hand written note. It's personal touches like this that can mean a lot to the right kid.

(HT: Michigan Sports Center)