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Tyrell Sales Arrested in Pittsburgh

Yeah, so you probably already heard this by now.

Penn State football player Tyrell Sales was arrested Saturday in Pittsburgh and charged with disorderly conduct and criminal trespass, Pittsburgh police confirmed yesterday.

Pittsburgh police refused to release further details about the Station Square incident that they responded to at about 8:15 p.m. Saturday.

Here again, not a big deal. We're probably talking two points in the Fulmer Cup. But what's more troubling is the pattern. This is Sales' second run in with the law as he was also charged in the apartment fight last April. Those charges were later dropped. Sales is just lucky this didn't happen on College Avenue or else the State College District Attorney would be handing a football program to the "victim" and preparing some kind of bogus felony charges this morning.

You know, it's a shame that a few bad apples are making this entire team look like a bunch of thugs. You never hear about Sean Lee getting in trouble. You never hear about A.Q. Shipley picking a fight. Or Evan Royster getting busted for underage drinking. You never see Deon Butler getting pulled over for DUI. It's just a select few bad apples like Quarless, Baker, Timmons, and Sales who can't seem to stay out of trouble. It's a shame the rest of them have to read the lunatic crayon threads in the message boards about how Joe has lost control of this team.

Now I have a bone to pick with the Daily Collegian, the Pittsburgh Post, the Centre Daily Times and every other Pennsylvania print publication. Please stop reminding us of our past transgressions every time a Penn State player gets in a shoving match.

Sales was charged last April with disorderly conduct, criminal trespass and harassment in connection with an April 1 altercation in a downtown State College apartment, according to court documents. Penn State football players Anthony Scirrotto, Christopher Baker, Jerome Hayes, Justin King and Lydell Sargeant were also charged in connection with the incident, which occurred at Meridian II, 646 E. College Ave.

All charges against Sales, Hayes, King and Sargeant in connection with the fight have since been dropped.

The altercation, which court documents described as "crazy" and "like a brawl," stemmed from an earlier confrontation Scirrotto and a female friend had with three men on the corner of College Avenue and High Street the evening of March 31, 2007, police said.

Scirrotto accepted a plea deal Feb. 14 for his involvement in the assault, pleading guilty to misdemeanor defiant trespass. Scirrotto was placed on a year's probation, fined $500 and ordered to complete 25 days of community service, according to Collegian archives.

Baker, a former defensive tackle for the Nittany Lions, is scheduled to go to trial March 31 for his alleged involvement in the April 1 incident. Baker will face charges of criminal trespass, simple assault, harassment and burglary.

Seriously, what value does rehashing the entire apartment incident bring to the article? I thought this was an article about Tyrell Sales in an incident in Pittsburgh. The apartment fight was a year ago. All of the court cases have been settled with the exception of Chris Baker who stubbornly insists on fighting it rather than just taking a plea to a lesser charge. At what point do these kids and us fans get to move on from this? If a player gets in a fight ten years from now am I going to have to relive that Saturday night in April of 2007 all over again? We know what happened. We've already heard it a thousand times. Give it a rest.