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Paterno 101

I just found this interesting article in the Daily Collegian about a class Penn State will be offering in the fall that centers around Joe Paterno's relationship with the media through the years.

One of the main objectives Poorman has set for the class is to compare and contrast the media coverage of sports of the past and present and relate that back to Paterno.

Rudel described a Friday night media session that Paterno would hold with some members of the media, when the group would enjoy a couple of beers and chat off the record.

The Altoona editor said this session was not held from 2004-2005 because something Paterno said during that time was leaked to the public.

The session resumed in 2006, although Paterno was still wary of whom he could trust.

"Paterno manages the media on his own terms," Rudel said.

"I have been around him for a long time, and there were times when I laughed with him and there are times I was frustrated with him. Overall, it has been a blessing."

Gee, do ya think they'll have trouble filling that class up? But why stop at just one class? I think they should offer a Joe Paterno major. Here are my suggestions for a course load.

Paterno 101 - Resisting change in an ever changing world
Paterno 102 - Running up the middle
Paterno 110 - High Fiber Diets
Paterno 201 - Passing as a last resort
Paterno 202 - Bend-But-Don't-Break Defense
Paterno 256 - Recruiting Without Airplanes, Cell Phones and Email
Paterno 301 - Cover-3 All Day, Baby
Paterno 302 - Loyalty to a Fault
Paterno 356 - Avoiding the Media
Paterno 401 - Turning Young Men into Flesh-Eating Linebackers