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Penn State Falls Without Cornley

Penn State 41
Wisconsin 77

So I'm in this small town in northern central Pennsylvania tonight. Of course my hotel room has 20 channels to choose from on television and not one of them is the Big Ten Network. So I head "downtown" as the locals call it. I strategically park my car in a location where I can hit to all four bars "downtown" without walking more than 100 yards. I check out the first two bars. No Big Ten Network. I walk into the third bar and notice they have two televisions set up with Dish Network. Paydirt.

I sit down, get an order of wings and a beer. It's only 8 PM so I watch the second half of the Duke-Virginia game. 9 PM rolls around and the old geezer at the bar, who is holding the remote control, turns on Law and Order. Great. I flag down the bar tender and ask her if we can watch the Penn State basketball game. She asks the old geezer if she can change the channel. He's obviously annoyed, but mumbles something under his breath, lets out a grunt, and relinquishes the controller. Victory!

The Penn State men's basketball team was not so fortunate. The final score looks horrible, but I didn't really think they played that bad. Some nights there is nothing you can do, and tonight was one of those nights. They only had 10 turnovers. They were getting good shots, it's just that nothing was falling. Penn State shot a dismal 29.6% from the floor. It didn't help that Cornley didn't play. He's basically our entire inside game. Wisconsin dominated the boards by a 39-23 margin.

On the flip side Wisconsin played a perfect game. They executed extremely well constantly finding the open man who inevitably made the open shot. Even though Penn State was getting killed it was kind of a joy to see the Badgers playing the game so well. They could really do some damage in the tournament if they play like that.

So nobody expected us to win that game and we didn't disappoint them. I couldn't listen to the sound in the bar so I don't know what's wrong with Cornley yet. Hopefully he'll be good to go in time for Indiana this weekend.