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Andrew Quarless Charged With DUI

Well, put us on the board in the Fulmer Cup. Andrew Quarless was arrested for DUI early Sunday morning.

Penn State tight end Andrew Quarless was charged Thursday with DUI after State College police say he was stopped early Sunday while driving with a blood alcohol level of .084 percent.


Quarless, 19, of Uniondale, N.Y., was stopped at 2:54 a.m. Sunday at the intersection of East College Avenue and South Pugh Street when police said he ran a red light in a white BMW, according to the criminal complaint filed Thursday at the office of District Judge Jonathan Grine.

"Did I go through the red light?" police say Quarless asked the officer.

The complaint said the officer smelled a moderate odor of alcohol on Quarless and that the tight end failed field sobriety tests.

A blood test taken about a half hour later showed Quarless had a .084 BAC, the complaint states.

Quarless is charged with DUI, DUI as a minor, failing to obey traffic control signals and underage drinking.

I'm not exactly up on my Fulmer Cup scoring system. At most that's two points per charge for a total of eight points. Doesn't it seem like double jeopardy to charge him with DUI, underage drinking, and DUI as a minor? Shouldn't a DUI be a DUI? And isn't underage drinking underage drinking? Why make up this DUI as a minor charge? Is anyone ever going to get charged for DUI as a minor and not get charged for DUI and underage drinking? I love our legal system.

And what's the legal limit in PA now? I believe it's 0.06. So he was basically 0.024 above the legal limit. That's like a third of a can of beer. He couldn't stand on one foot and touch his nose? Weird. If you remember, in his first underage drinking incident I believe his BAC was below 0.1 as well after he said he had "just a few glasses of wine".

Does anyone else find the white BMW interesting? I'd be interested in seeing this thing. Is it a beat up 1995 model or are we talking a $50,000 vehicle?

UPDATE: FOS reports on the incident. Interesting tidbit about the white BMW.

The criminal complaint said Quarless was driving a white BMW when he was pulled over. Multiple sources have told FOS that the car did not belong to him, but rather a friend he was with late Saturday night.

This does not sound good to me. Maybe it's nothing. Who knows.