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Game Day Open Thread - Indiana Hoosiers

Go State!
Penn State 14-15 (6-11) Indiana Hoosiers 25-5 (14-3)

I'm sure this game has implications on the seeding for the Big Ten Tournament, but I'll be damned if I can figure out the tie breaking procedure. I think it's pretty clear that we'll get the #7 seed if we win and we'll probably play Illinois. I think if we lose we'll be the #8 seed and play Michigan due to the fact that Iowa beat Ohio State, a higher seeded team.

Regardless of the implications on seeding, this would be a great win. It would be our seventh conference win, a number we haven't seen in years. It would be our fifth straight home win. It would give us fantastic momentum going into the Big Ten Tournament. It would get us back to 0.500 and give us in a pretty good case to slip into the NIT with a win or two in the BTT. So get out to the Jordan Center and cheer your asses off!

Go State! Beat the Hoosiers!

(On a side note, check out this very entertaining read from the CDT.)