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Hoosier Daddy?

Get it? Hoosier Daddy? Cuz it sounds like "Who's your daddy?" That's funny stuff right there.

You know what else is funny? 68-64 in overtime, baby. And that's without Claxton or Cornley. That's with four freshmen logging most of the minutes. That's friggin' funny. You know what else is funny? Visiting other schools' blogs and reading stuff like this.

The Nittany Lions lost all hope for a successful season early in the Big Ten season when Geary Claxton suffered a season-ending knee injury. Penn State lost its first four conference home games, but has now won four in a row at home against Michigan State, Illinois, Iowa, and Michigan. I wish I could tell you that there are some real positives on PSU's Pomeroy page, but not really. They take pretty good care of the ball, a common characteristic of slow-paced teams, and they are decent offensive rebounders, but that's about it. IU should win, and then it's on to the BTT.

Yup. Crappy old Penn State with no Claxton, no Cornley, no offense, no defense. Just another speed bump on our way to the postseason. Congrats, Indiana. You took the Nittany Lions for granted and probably cost yourself three or four seeds in the NCAA tournament. The rest of the Big Ten better stand up and take notice. These young Nittany Lions are pretty good, and they're learning how to win.

Who would have thought seven conference wins was possible with no Claxton and a one legged Cornley? Yet here we are. Five straight home wins to close out the season. We've locked up the #7 seed in the Big Ten Tournament meaning we'll probably play Illinois, a team we've beaten twice already, in the first round. We're back to 0.500. Win our first game and we've guaranteed a 0.500 season. With two wins over ranked opponents coupled with a strong finish to the season I think we have a good case for the NIT. Great great win today. Way to go, Lions!