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Phil Taylor Is Going To Take a Long Vacation

Phil Taylor has been suspended for the summer semester by the Office of Judicial Affairs.

Penn State defensive tackle Phil Taylor accepted sanctions Thursday from the university's Office of Judicial Affairs for his involvement in an on-campus fight in October, Penn State spokesman Lisa Powers confirmed in an e-mail Friday.

Taylor, who is currently indefinitely suspended from the football team, will be allowed to complete the spring semester of classes but will be suspended for both summer sessions. Taylor has also permanently lost his privileges to live in residence halls and is on probation through graduation. He also must take anger management and counseling sessions.

Interesting. Chris Baker was suspended last summer for his involvement in the apartment fight. After being implicated in the HUB fight and having felony charges slapped on him Judicial Affairs decided to let him go without any punishment. Taylor's name never came up in the apartment fight. The judge dropped felony charges against him in the HUB fight, but he still faces some misdemeanor assault charges. I'm curious why JA came down so hard on him to ban him from living on campus for the rest of his college career. Something just doesn't add up here. I wonder if there is more to the story we're not hearing.

Taylor's return to the team is still in doubt as Paterno quoted "academic reasons" for suspending him this spring. So we'll see if he'll be running out of the tunnel in September or if he'll be playing for some I-AA team.