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Bad Karma Bites Us Again

Let's just look at this head on. No, that sucks. Take a few steps to the right...still sucks. How about we take it from the top. No, that sucks too. No matter how you look at it, this sucks.

Penn State senior linebacker Sean Lee sustained a serious right knee injury at practice Friday. Preliminary indications, according to two different sources, suggest the injury is a torn ligament.

Lee was injured during a practice at Holuba Hall in front of several hundred high school coaches in town for Penn State's Coaches Clinic. The injury happened on a non-contact play, according to several sources.

He was taken from the field on a cart.

At this point I'm going to sum up my feelings by quoting a little Pink Floyd.

Goodbye cruel world
I'm leaving you today
Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye.
Goodbye all you people
There's nothing you can say
To make me chaaaaaange my mind

I think next year I'm just going to pack up BSD after the bowl game and shelf it until August. Covering the offseason with this team blows. Absolutely blows. We have no good karma. None. I was just talking to RUTS this morning and we were talking about how burnt out we are covering all the negative news with this program. It's not fun, and this is not why I got into blogging.

What is it with this team and their knees. Let's take a look at our history in recent years. Paul Posluszny, Tom McEowen, Devon Still, Matt Hahn, Jerome Hayes, and now Sean Lee. All of them have had serious knee injuries. Is this normal for one team to suffer this many serious knee injuries? Are we doing something wrong in our strength and conditioning program?

If you're the kind of person that always looks for a silver lining you could say Lee is lucky to still have a redshirt to burn. I expect the coaches will probably use it so he can come back healthy in 2009.

Fortunately, if there's one position we can afford to sustain a hit like this it's linebacker. We'll throw one of our young studs out there on the field and we'll still be better than 90% of the teams out there. I'm not worried about that. But what we cannot replace is Lee's leadership. He's the heart and soul of the defense. The emotional blow to the team far outweighs the physical blow. I'm worried the defense will spend the rest of spring moping around feeling sorry for themselves. Somebody needs to step up and take charge and get these guys focused. And right now I don't know who that is going to be. The only seniors we have left are Gaines, Scirrotto, Davis, Rubin, and Sargeant, and none of those guys are especially known for their leadership. This has the potential to be very bad unless someone steps up quick.