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Five Things BSD Will Be Watching at the BW Game

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Here are the top five things BSD will be keeping an eye on this weekend.

1. The Spread HD - What the hell is it? Will we see a wide open spread option running attack mixed with a downfield passing game? Or will it be more of the same old run between the tackles and throw safe seven yard outs.

2. Clark vs. Devlin - Who gets the most snaps? Who works with the first team? Who looks crisper in the passing game? Who runs the option better?

3. Stephfon Green - We all know what Evan Royster is capable of. I'm dying to see what Green can do. If he takes a pitch and turns the corner for a sixty yard touchdown run you can pretty much guarantee we'll have a full blown running back controversy come September.

4. Linebacker U - Who will line up at first team linebacker? Will it be Sales, Colasanti, and Gbadyu? Or will Hull or Stupar work their way in there?

5. Derek Moye - He's wearing #6 in case you didn't know. And he's probably going to be our best receiver in 2009 after Williams, Butler, and Norwood are gone. So I hope he looks like a credible threat tomorrow.

What are you looking for?