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All Good Things Must Come To An End

When I look back on my days at Penn State there were a few things that always stood out. Getting a double scoop of raspberry parfait at the creamery and eating it under the gazebo outside of the art building on a warm spring day. Walking up the mall on the way to Patee under the orange elm trees in the fall as the cool breeze nipped at the back of your neck. Snowball fights on the quad on a cold winter day when classes were cancelled. And of course, eating six chicken cosmos for lunch in one sitting.

Sadly, future generations of Penn State students will never get to experience the chicken cosmo.

On April 4, all dining commons will be serving the famed chicken cosmo sandwich for the last time. A popular menu item for over 26 years at Penn State, the cosmo has been a staple at almost all campuses' dining operations and is a favorite of both students and alumni.

"Students like them. Alumni love them," Director of Residential Dining Lisa Wandel said. "It reminds them of their college days. I think alumni will be more disappointed than anyone."

Penn State Food Services sells approximately 600 to 700 cases of cosmo patties a month, or 274,000 cosmos every academic year. However, it's the chicken vendor that is putting a stop to the cosmo. Pierce Chicken Products said Penn State is the only institution that buys the patties - a fact that can be attributed to the cosmo's legend at the University.

Goodbye old friend.