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Who Let The Dogs Out?

Things were getting a little crowded in the doghouse, so Joe let the dogs out.

Knowledge Timmons, the former William Penn standout, said he was reinstated to the team late Wednesday -- along with starting defensive tackle Chris Baker, linebacker Navorro Bowman and tight end Andrew Quarless, two more potential starters.

Ok, so they're not technically out of the doghouse yet. I'm sure these guys will be running a lot of sprints and steps in the coming months. And they'll probably start at the bottom of the depth chart come August. But it's good news to have them back.

Timmons is sorely needed at cornerback to give us some depth. Bowman is quite possibly one of the three best linebackers on the team. Though we have plenty of NFL caliber defensive tackles, Baker was starting ahead of all of them last year. The emergence of Andrew Szczerba make Quarless expendable, but imagine the things we could do in a double tight end set down near the goal line with him in the lineup. I just hope that these guys all realize this is their last chance and act accordingly.

Notice the name Phil Taylor is conspicuously missing from the list.