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NFL Draft Recap

I'm sure you all know by now that a few Nittany Lions were taken in the NFL draft this weekend. They had to wait until the second day, but both Dan Connor and Justin King will be playing on Sundays this fall.

Dan Connor was drafted in the third round by the Carolina Panthers with the 74th pick overall. You will recall the Panthers selected Tim Shaw in the draft last year, so they must like what they see from Linebacker U. SBNation's Carolina blogger Cat Scratch Reader likes the pick.

This is a classic Panthers value pick. The Panthers are already deep at linebacker but Conner was too good to pass up. I can't believe he fell this far but wow, how good will the Panthers be at linebacker next season? NFL Network is predicting the Panthers will move Jon Beason to the weak-side and Conner will start in the middle. I'm not sure how the line-up will shake out but regardless  the Panthers will be very deep at linebacker.

After being projected anywhere from a late first round to third round pick, Justin King slipped to the fourth round where the St. Louis Rams grabbed him up with the 101st pick overall. Rams blogger Turf Show Times also likes the pick.

And we got our CB, Justin King, from Penn State. The NFL network guys think he could have been a first rounder with another season in college, but he graduated in three years. The analysts really think he'll be a good player in couple years. Just in time for Fakhir Brown's next suspension.

He ran a 4.31 40-yard-dash, so there's that speed again. The talking heads say he's a smart player though who'll learn the game well, which will help him put that speed to use.

Seems like a good pick.

The Rams seem to believe he won't be playing right away.

"He is a sticky coverage guy, and is around the ball," Linehan said.

Although Linehan conceded that King probably isn't ready to contribute right away, he believes King eventually should help the competitive situation at a position that includes Fakhir Brown, Tye Hill, Ron Bartell, Jonathan Wade and David Macklin.

Today a few undrafted Nittany Lions have latched on to a few teams. Austin Scott has been invited to try out with the Cleveland Browns. And a few Lions have already signed as undrafted free agents including Matt Hahn to Oakland, Terrelle Golden to Philadelphia, and Anthony Morelli to Arizona. No word yet on Rodney Kinlaw.

Morelli's signing is causing a stir today. Not because of the team he went to or the fact he didn't get drafted at all, but because of what pro scout Tom Marino had to say about him. (HT: RUTS)

Former pro scout Tom Marino, who has 30 plus years in the league, is pretty high on Morelli as a project.

"He has all the tools you look for in a QB; an athletic body, very strong throwing arm and far better movement then I had expected, but is acutely under coached and unprepared for the job of being a professional QB.

Has a violent overhand delivery and when he's on his game has as much ability as anyone in the draft. Can make all the throws; out, dig, fade and comeback. Going to have to start from square one with this player, but has a big upside. A 6th - 7th round steal.

"Acutely undercoached and unprepared?" "Start from square one with this player?" Ouch. I think there is going to be some cringing at Jay Paterno's breakfast table when he reads that in the papers.