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NCAA Pick 'Em Final Standings

I know we're all consumed in our own little Nittany World with knife fights and all that this morning, but apparently there was a big basketball game on last night or something.

Congratulations to Yoder 1 for winning the BSD Tournament Challenge. He picked six of the final eight teams, all of the final four teams, and he picked Kansas over Memphis in the final. Well done, sir. Your picking skills are unmatched.

Me, I'm just happy I beat out perenial college football pick 'em guru CoolHandLucky by 20 points. I'd like to thank the little people who made this happen.

Unfortunately, I have to live with the shame of my wife beating me by 10 points. I'm sure she's completely oblivious to this fact until she reads this as she stopped checking her bracket after the first day. But I'm sure she'll rub it in my face the next time I see her. And of course I'll remind her she basically copyied the picks off of some self-proclaimed "expert" she read the newspaper.

Thanks to everyone for playing along. We'll do another one of these when football season rolls around, which right now feels something like 23 months away.