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Chris Bell Banned From Campus

Yep. It's official. Penn State released this statement yesterday.

Chris Bell, who had been previously suspended from team activities, is permanently removed from the team and will not be re-considered to be a part of the team in the future.

Technically, does this count toward the Fulmer Cup? I mean, he was technically not with the team this spring. But oh well.

Like I said yesterday, this will most definitely go beyond just being kicked off the team. He's probably going to be kicked off of campus.

University spokeswoman Lisa Powers said Bell was put on an interim suspension from campus, which prohibits attending classes or being in residence halls, "because of the violent nature of the allegations against him." Bell has five days to request a hearing with Judicial Affairs to dispute the interim suspension, Powers said.

So, yeah.

Programming Note

I'm going to be tied up in meetings all day so there will probably not be any updates forthcoming until maybe this evening. So let's have another open blog day. I'll promote the diaries to the front page. It just may not happen until tonight due to my schedule.