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Mea Culpa

In my post last night I wanted to make a point that you can't equate bloggers with those who leave comments on their blogs. Blogging is "hard God damn work", as Will Leitch would say. Anyone can drop a comment calling a coach or player an asshole. We bloggers tend to have a huge amount of respect for each other because we understand how difficult it is to come up with content on a daily basis. Just like Big Ten coaches can get together and meet every year in a cordial manner, I can have roundtables and exchange emails with bloggers from Michigan and Ohio State and consider them to be my friends. (But not so much the Pitt bloggers who won't even return my emails.)

That is why it pained me to open up my email this morning to learn one of my fellow bloggers was insulted by something I wrote. I accused Kyle from Dawg Sports of attacking Black Shoe Diaries for a comment left by a reader suggesting they would cheer for Hitler before they would cheer for an SEC team. I did so to illustrate the point Costas and Bissinger clearly didn't understand that it's not fair to attack a blogger for something left in the comments. But in singling out Kyle I failed to mention the disclaimer he inserted into his post.

I should hasten to add that the foregoing statement was offered by a lone commenter, and it does not represent Mike's view or the views of his other readers. That extreme exclamation of bilious resentment is not representative of the majority perspective. I realize that, and I want my constructive criticisms of Mike's posting to reflect my realization that, while some of what he has written is wrong, none of it is unreasonable.

In my haste to get the post up late last night so I could go to bed, I wrongly accused Kyle of attacking BSD when in fact he was careful to single out the lone commenter.

The unfortunate thing about the internet is that once something is out there you can't take it back. One thousand people have read the post since I put it up last night. Deleting it now will do no good. But I would like to express my regret for what I said. Kyle is one of the finest gentlemen in this craft, and he deserves better than I did him last night. And for that, I'm sorry.