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Nitt Picks Works Weekends Too

If you're not already, make sure you follow Ron Bracken's fairwell tour at the Centre Daily Times. It's been a good read so far. This weekend he covered his top ten Penn State games of his career.

Penn State 35, Illinois 31

When Penn State took possession of the football that November night in 1994 there was 6:07 left, the Lions had the ball on their own 6, they were trailing Illinois 31-28, it was raining and the wind had picked up in Memorial Stadium in Champaign, Ill.

No problem at all. Kerry Collins ignored all of those factors and marched the team down the field for the 35-31 win in as flawless a drive as you’ll ever see. There was no margin for error, no room for an off-sides penalty, a botched handoff, a dropped or errant pass or a wrongly run pass route. It all had to be perfect and it was, completing Penn State’s recovery from a 21-0 first-quarter deficit and guaranteeing a trip to the Rose Bowl.

I'm afraid I was too young to remember most of the games on his list, but I remembered this one. Reading Bracken's recollection of the 1994 Illinois game brought back a lot of memories for me. I remember falling behind 21-0 in the first quarter and not even worrying about it. That offense was so amazing you knew they were going to score 30 points before the day was over. So when Brian Milne crossed the goal line I really didn't even jump off the couch. That team was amazing.

Need More Proof Mel Kiper is an Idiot?

Remember last year Kiper had Dan Connor listed as the best linebacker in the draft and a sure fire top ten pick? Then he sat around on draft day and didn't go until the third round on day two. If that doesn't make you scratch your head about Mel Kiper, take into consideration that James Laurinaitus tops his big board for 2009.

1. James Laurinaitis, LB, Ohio State (6-2½, 242)

If he had declared for the 2008 NFL draft, Laurinaitis most likely would have been a top-10 pick. In addition to being extremely athletic, he has a great nose for the ball and plays with a great deal of intensity. In 2007, he had 121 tackles (8½ for loss), five interceptions and two sacks. What separates Laurinaitis from USC's Rey Maualuga is his week-to-week consistency.

Yeah, he has a great nose for the ball alright. That's because teams run right at him all the time. And he usually makes the tackle about five or seven yards down field from the line of scrimmage. And of course it helps to have a generous home field score keeper who gives you credit for a solo tackle any time you jump on a pile.

Student Ticket Changes

If you're a student hoping to get student tickets next year you better listen up. You'll only get one shot  to get them.

Despite what was written in an e-mail about the 2008 student football ticket allocation, students can only purchase 2008 football season tickets during one sale period.


Although the e-mail, sent Thursday night, suggests upperclassmen will have multiple opportunities to purchase tickets, that is not the case, Greg Myford, associate director of marketing and communication, said Friday.

Tickets were so much less confusing when I went to school. There was no internet. you just mailed in your form with your check within a week of getting it in the mail and you were set. This getting up at 7 AM and mashing the mouse button really sucks for the students today. I feel bad for you guys. But I think tying the student tickets to the ID cards is going to help a lot next year.

Great Scott

I know it's hard to believe this, but some people actually want to poach our assistant basketball coaches. And last week someone actually succeeded.

Assistant Nittany Lion basketball coach Hilliary Scott has been named the new head coach at Lynchburg College in Lynchburg, Va.

The NCAA Division III Hornets introduced Scott as their new head coach Thursday afternoon. Scott will be taking on his first head coaching position after 11 years as an assistant coach, 10 under Nittany Lion head coach Ed DeChellis. Scott has served the last five years on DeChellis' Penn State staff and spent the previous five years helping DeChellis guide East Tennessee State University to three straight Southern Conference North Division titles and the school's first NCAA Tournament appearance in a decade.

This is a huge loss for the men's basketball program. Scott was our best recruiter on the staff and will be very difficult to replace. But it sounds like he left for personal reasons, so we wish him the best of luck in Lynchburg.


Purdue safety Torri Williams is arrested for shoplifting. That in itself is funny, but it's what he was busted trying to purchase with the five finger discount that takes the cake. This is why you will never read about a Purdue football player paying for prostitutes. They can't even afford to buy condoms.