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Things Blue and White People Like

These "Things (Blank) and (Blank) People Like" have been circling around the internets the past few weeks, but I have yet to see anyone do one for Penn State. So I figured what the heck. Here are some things Blue and White people like.

Eat n Park

It's 2 AM on a Sunday. You're cruising down I-99 through Altoona on your way home to Johnstown after another Primetime Penn State game. In the past 24 hours you have consumed a case of IC Lite, half a fifth of Jack, and a margarita some cute girl gave you just to make you leave her tailgating area before you puked on her. Your face and the back of your neck sting from standing in the sun all day and you haven't had anything to eat in over ten hours since the shoe leather hot dog that sat on the grill way too long. Your buddies are passed out in the back seat and your eyes are getting heavy. Then you see it. Eat n Park is coming up at the next exit, and you're thinking nothing would hit the spot better than a Super Griddle Smile right about now. Screw your friends. You need to Eat n Park right friggin' now. Buy them a round of Smiley Cookies to smooth it over.

World Famous Grilled Stickies

You started out drinking Ice-T's at the Café 210 West. Then someone suggested you head down to the Saloon for a Monkey Boy pitcher. The bars are closing down and you and your buddies are getting hungry. You stumble down the block to McDonalds to find the line out the door. Screw that. If you can't get flesh, cheese and grease at 2 AM you'll go for the next best thing...fat and sugar. The trek up College Avenue in the bitter January wind is totally worth it for that delicious sticky bun dipped in butter and fried on the grill. Of course it wouldn't be a grilled sticky if you didn't go ala mode.

Fumble Drills

You play ring toss to pass the time? Please. Penn State fans prefer something a little more manly. Like decking yourself out in spandex and diving into piles of empty beer cans.


One thing all Nittany Lion fans agree on is their love for beer. The only question is are you a Yinzer or Youzer. If you're from western Pennsylvania yinz like to kick back with an Iron City. If you're from eastern Pennsylvania youz prefer the smooth taste of Yuengling Lager.

Like the Pens and Flyers, the beer wars will never be settled.

Add your own things Blue and White people like in the comments.