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Jay Paterno: Blogger, Democrat, and Occasional Football Coach

A few months ago Jay Paterno came out and publicly endorsed Barack Obama, as if anyone is sitting out there saying, "You know what, I wasn't sure about that Obama guy, but now that I know Jay Paterno likes him I guess I'll give him another look." I can only imagine the Obama campaign scheduling their first trip to State College. They must have aspired to get a photo op of Obama shaking the hand of the most recognizable figure in central Pennsylvania. I can see the disappointment on some staffer's face as he/she finds out Joe is a staunch republican and would never get within a hundred yards of said photo op. I would like to know which staffer had the brilliant idea to go after the second most recognizable Paterno thinking that was a great idea. He or she obviously had no idea of Jay's reputation in Nittany Nation. But they obviously thought so highly of Jay they decided to give him his own blog on Barack Obama's website. As you can probably guess, the comments are pretty hilarious.

We've heard from Zack Mills.

Don't you remember when I would get to throw those 4 yard outs to Mark Rubin? Or when Bryant Johnson would drop those passes?

Heck, it's not all that bad. I'm just a QB coach now at a prep school. I tell my students how great it was playing for a 3rd string Highschool QB and how Nepotism cost me a shot at the NFL.

Oh how things went downhill so so fast.....

But at least you owned Akron.....and hey...remember when you ran the double reverse with Bradon 'Beretta' Peretta?

Michael Robinson

"Hey Anthony....come on man...chill out dude. You had plenty of time to get your act together when you were playing under me and Zack. You forget how much Jay helped me out? Don't you realize how much he helped me improve when I was the qb? All the stuff he taught me about running the option, or running when I had no receivers open, or running to make something out of nothing on a poorly designed play, or throwing a 1 yard out pattern to dwill on the don't learn those things from playing nintendo man. (ps2 in da house!).

Anyway Jay, don't listen to dat phool. I appreciate all you'se done for me. If not for you, I would never have been prepared going into San Fran as the 5th string qb. Now I know if my turn comes.....just pop in ncaa09 on my ps3 and i'll be ready to take on the Pats.

 and RIch Rodriguez.

Hey there Jay,

Good to see you are keeping yourself busy in the off-season. I'm glad you are focusing on something other than trying to devise an HD Spread Offense similar to what i had installed at WVU.

I'll tell ya, it's hard getting a Big 10 team to adopt a high def offense. It'll be a lot easier with that real quick tailback you guys allowed me to sign - that Shaw kid. I really appreciate how you mishandled his recruitment. Making him reschedule his official visit? forgetting to call his parents back? Classic stuff, son. I really appreciate the assist on that.

And it goes on and on. Check it out yourself. You will be treated to comments from Galen Hall, Mike McQueary, Tom Bradley, and Joe Paterno. Even Woody Hayes makes an appearance from the grave threatening to bitchslap Jay on the sideline. Of course this is a hoax. Everyone knows Jay sits in the booth killing drives by insisting on calling four straight passing plays after our third string running back just picked up 40 yards on five carries. Psssh!

I'm a blogger. Normally I'm all in favor of people standing up for what they believe in even if I don't agree with it. But as a Penn State fan I have a problem with our quarterback coach and co-offensive coordinator dabbling in politics. And the fact that he's getting in a pissing match with his football critics online is reprehensible. (Emphasis mine)

By Jay Paterno Jun 20th 2008 at 10:02 am EDT
Joe--I hope you and your friends will feel free to e-mail me about football and I will talk any time you want. This is neither the time nor the place for these back and forths.

Before I got involved in this campaign, I resolved that my commitment to the campaign would not come at the expense of my family or job obligations. What I do with my free time is up to me.

For your information our offense was #1 in the Big Ten last year in the only two categories that we really look at: the key situations of Red Zone and Third Downs (and to a lesser extent 4th downs where we ranked #7 in the nation).

When I have my own time--which is rare--I am certainly allowed to voice my own opinions about this country.

I welcome your e-mails about politics and football so go to the Penn State web site and get my e-mail address and let's talk.

Take note that Jay posted the comment at 10:02 AM on a Friday, which I guess is "his own time". Most people I know are working at 10 AM on a Friday. But apparently our quarterback coach is punched out and living the dream as a political blogger when the rest of us are doing our jobs. I would prefer to know my quarterback coach and offensive coordinator was writing a letter to a recruit or watching film of his players and opponents trying to get better. But then I would also prefer our quarterbacks went on to play in the NFL and our offensive coaches cared about more than just leading the conference in red zone and third down conversions. It's no wonder when you read all these articles with quotes from recruits you hear all these glowing words about Larry Johnson, Tom Bradley, Ron Vanderlinden, Mike McQueary, and even Dick Anderson, but you never hear Jay's name come up in those conversations. Jim Tressel's domination of the state of Ohio partly falls on the head of Jay Paterno who owns responsibility of recruiting Ohio for Penn State.

I'm not one of these people who throws around the word "unacceptable" very often when talking about the Penn State program. I can handle 9-4 seasons. It's difficult, but I can even accept losing nine in a row to Michigan. Wins and losses happen. But Jay Paterno's actions of late are unacceptable to me. In this case he has put his political activities before his job, which is to develop our quarterbacks, run an offense, and recruit. How are our quarterbacks getting any better by Jay's activities? How is this going to help us end the streak against the Wolverines? How many kids and their parents is he turning off by being so open about his political views?

Jay has a responsiblity to represent the Pennsylvania State University and it's millions of alumni. He has a job which pays him very handsomely to put the best football team he can on the field. His selfish and immature actions are reprehensible, and for that we all suffer.