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The Big Eleventh Branch To Merge


Like an awkward office introduction, this thing is best left short.  However, to honor a policy I firmly believe in, that you can't be equals in a work environment unless the new employees are physically higher than the rest for a brief moment, I'm going to type the rest of this post while standing on my desk.

While I'm fully aware this probably is a lot more like an acquisition than a merger, I'm going to go ahead and warn you ahead of time that I'm not above sacrificing clarity for a marginally better post title.  And frankly, it's always worth it.  Moving on...

Mike, who has built this place into a J Leman winning machine, was kind enough to ask me to join the regime to add some content to an already awesomely-contentious blog (ya, probably misused that).  I gladly accepted.  So I've put The Big Eleventh to bed, something that was surprisingly saddening, but that doesn't change how excited I am to be here.

I could go into some type of biographical nonsense but that stuff will inadvertently reveal itself in time.  I already regret my rather weak Fan ID, but it leads nicely into a closing quote from one of the most respected minds in the game:

"It's not a philosophical shift, but more of a personnel shift," he said. "It's a different system than people have seen the last couple years, but the whole idea is to give us the best chance to win."

"It could stand for 'high-definition' or 'highly diverse,"' Jay Paterno said. "As long as it doesn't stand for 'huge dud."