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Cookin' With A Guy Who Is Talking Nonsense

Yesterday, Deadspin decided to continue their poll series by asking the readers what they thought of Beano Cook .  Without even reading the post, or really knowing much about the old man, I did my part to further the Dissaproval Cause.

Why all the negativity, you ask?  Because I can be irrational and short sighted.  I also don't like it when people spew false information to make themselves feel better.

In response to a question regarding who will be awarded champion of the Epic Win Battle, good old Beano didn't dissapoint :

The reason Joe Paterno will catch Bobby Bowden and pass him either this year or next is because Penn State's non-league schedule is an absolute disgrace. May I say to these college coaches that refuse to play good non-league schedules, don't go to the pros. You don't have any say in the opponent, time or date of game. One thing about Bowden, he isn't afraid to play anybody and if the Indy Colts want to play him some Sunday, Bowden will show up.

Ya, the Indy Colts, and D1-aa schools Western Carolina and Chattanooga (Are you kidding me?  Two in one season?).  The guy has no fear. 

Now to schedule them for financial reasons is one thing, but it's pretty clear this is simply a weak attempt to stall until the 453 players caught in the cheating scandal become eligible.   Although that can't be the case, you see, because Bowden isn't bothered by half his team cheating in on tests:

Q: There was an academic cheating scandal at Florida State that involved a significant number of football players. As the head coach how did that affect you and did you feel responsible?

A: It didn't bother me because I knew there was no involvement by me or my staff. But I didn't know about it until the president told me. My staff didn't know about it until I told them. I know some people will say 'you're the head coach' but there are a number of things like this that the head coach does not know.

[I'm not even going to get into this, you know what I'm going to say]

Then there is the rest of the schedule: we are taking about an ACC that hasn't won a BCS bowl game since 2000.  So, you know, the other 2/3rds of the schedule isn't exactly loaded with power house squads.

Getting back to Beano: I suppose with him being a Pitt alum, and an old man, it doesn't make sense to try and figure him out...but as a self proclaimed "college football historian", you think he'd look something up once in a while.