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Nitt Picks Is Standing Up Anyway

Down In Front.  The Kansas City Chiefs, in a move that can only be described at anti-American, have released a "Fan Code of Conduct" that prohibited the following:

• Standing and/or obstructing the view of other fans

They've actually had this policy at Michigan for years, all in an effort (successful, I might add) to keep the largest second largest stadium in the nation off of anyone's "toughest places to play" list (double zing!).

(Note: It looks like the Chiefs have altered the Code, the word "Continual" has been added to the above ridiculous rule.)

Stabilitness Is Next To Godliness.  The Columbus Dispatch has tried to solve the mystery of why Ohio State continues to flat out own in the Big Ten recruiting race:

"You want to figure out if (a coach) is going to be there for the long run or if he's going to be there just to make the next move up," Coleman said. "And definitely coming here, you know coach (Jim) Tressel and the gang is going to be here for the long run."

Indeed, since Coleman committed, not only has Tressel signed an extension through the 2012 season but there has been just one departure from his nine-man staff of assistants -- cornerbacks coach Tim Beckman left in February 2007 to become defensive coordinator at Oklahoma State (Taver Johnson replaced him).

Stability is nice, of course, but could it maybe have something to do with the three BCS Championship games they've played in since 2002?  Or the three consecutive years they have either won or tied for the conference crown?  Or their perpetual top ten ranking in the polls?  Stability is great, but it takes more than a contract extension to all the sudden land every recruit you go after. 

Speaking Of Stability.  In another one of those charts that screams "look how old Paterno is!", the Dispatch also ran the following, average tenure of each schools coaching staff:

1. Penn State 16.0 years 1
2. Iowa 6.6 years 1
3. Ohio State 5.5 years 1
4. Purdue 4.4 years 6
5. Northwestern 3.7 years 6
6. Indiana 2.4 years 4
7. Illinois 2.2 years 5
8. Wisconsin 1.8 years 8
9. Michigan 1.6 years 9
10. Michigan State 1.1 years 10
11. Minnesota 0.8 years 10

This is similar to something I wrote at TBE a while back.  The Big Ten has gone through a rather quiet yet significant changing of the guard.  Only four guys were here before the 2005 season, and that number will drop to three after this season (when Tiller exits stage left).  The Big Ten does appear to have lost some meat in the middle, the 5-9 teams aren't as solid as they have been historically, but you have to consider that it's going to take most of these new coaches several years until they can run in stride. 

47?  The Sporting News is doing one of those eternal team by team rankings, and Penn State's Pac-10 opponent Oregon State came it at 47.  They appear to be going through a bit of a rebuilding year:

The Beavers do return four starters on the offensive line, plus receiver Darrell Catchings. And gifted flanker Sammie Stroughter received a medical hardship from the NCAA, allowing him to play this year. He could be worth an extra victory by himself.

But Oregon State also must find a replacement for departed tailback Yvenson Bernard.

And how good can Oregon State be having lost its entire front seven on defense, including a top-notch linebacking unit? The Beavers always have good defensive backs, and this season will be no exception with corners Keenan Lewis and Brandon Hughes. And sure to be missed -- greatly missed -- is kicker Alexis Serna, a four-year starter who developed into one of the best in the conference.

According to ESPN, they are only bringing back ten starters: seven on offense and three on defense.  This is probably good news for our out-of-the-plastic HD offense and will give Clark our new starting QB some time to work out the kinks before Big Ten play.