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Nitt Picks Beefs Up Security


Spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of Penn State news that we're too lazy to write ourselves...

Astorino is Born:  Who is the best athlete in the Penn State secondary?  Anthony Scirrotto has an interesting answer -- Drew Astorino:

"He changes direction so well, I mean, I could go on and on about that kid. He's going to be, definitely, playing a big role in our secondary."

But where does he fit?

Probably at the defense's most overlooked position -- nickelback.

Astorino is a redshirt freshman who was openly ridiculed by Penn State fans relying on recruits' star rankings to judge the worthiness of each scholarship offer.  He was offered extremely late in the recruiting process and decommitted from Kent State when his PSU offer came.  That's what happens when a kid doesn't play the recruiting game by constantly giving Scout and Rivals interviews and participating in meat market combines.  Astorino was the AAA Player of the Year and led his team to state championships in football and basketball -- scoring the winning touchdown and nailing the winning shot in the championship games.

Star rankings.  Helpful?  Yes.  Conclusive proof of ability?  No.

Linebacker, You?:  There are uncharacteristic defensive concerns for the Nittany Lions as the season approaches, partially due to the convoluted depth chart at linebacker.  Personnel and positions appear to be in a constant state of Wha...?  Tyrell Sales is one of the veterans of the group (and the only senior).  The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette profiles him in today's paper.

Step Away From the Urine Balloon, Son:  Thinking about acting more than a little stupid at this year's home games?  The Centre County sheriff's office is attempting to be one step ahead of your drunken shenanigans

County Administrator Tim Boyde said the agreement addresses sheriff’s deputies assisting Penn State police during seven home football games. The university will pay $42 an hour, and the deputies will provide the service based on their availability.

Good work if you can get it.  Also, given the increasingly boorish way many fans have conducted themselves over the last few years, it's a necessary step.  This isn't a "get off my lawn" moment by any means -- the reputation of Penn State's fans are dovetailing with that of the Penn State players in recent years.


Hippies hate death metal. Hippies hate Slayer.

Now, if we could only work on getting more garbage cans around the stadium...

If You're a PSU Alum in the NFL, Better Stay in Bed:  Justin King has a torn ligament in his foot, he's done for the season  Bobby Engram has a broken right shoulder and will be out for 6-8 weeks. 

In Scores From Other Games:  PSU gymnast Kevin Tan brings home a bronze medal from Beijing.  The 3,058th Penn State preview, for your perusal.  The CDT looks at Evan Royster and (especially) Stephfon Green.  The 3,059th preview.  The 3,060th preview, but with audio quotes from PSU play-by-play man, Steve Jones.