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Winning Streak

Some good news as we stride into the weekend (and thanks to WFY for the tip):

A Centre County judge Friday dismissed charges against Mifflin Streaker Elizabeth Burke, agreeing with her and her attorney that there was no evidence she “affronted or alarmed’ anyone during the annual naked run, nor that she knew her behavior was likely to offend anyone.

In an eight-page opinion and order, Centre County Judge Bradley P. Lunsford dismissed a misdemeanor open lewdness count and a summary disorderly conduct charge because the commonwealth presented “no evidence” she affronted anyone, nor that she knew taking part in the annual spring tradition at Penn State could perhaps offend passersby — the key elements necessary for conviction.

A victory for all of us, really.  The CDT had a rather hilarious recap of the court arguments, including this introductory gem:

Had I not been there for all five hours of this hearing, I would not have gotten to hear a prominent defense attorney call a veteran district attorney a "dingbat." I also heard that prosecutor in question refer to "vaginal acrobatics" at least twice.

Steve Sloane also referred to a precedent setting court case being about going into an adult dance club "to arrest the lady on stage with her legs behind her head standing like a tripod."

Where's a courtroom sketch artist when we need one?