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Nitt Picks Is Dedicated

Your semi-regular scavenger hunt for Penn State news items on The Internets.

Western Kentucky, Here We Come: Steve Koreivo is a simple man, really.  A Penn State season ticket holder, a father of two, and a slightly dedicated football fan who has seen every Division 1-A football team in person...and knows how to pick a woman:

"Me and the kids know that this is Steve’s passion," Laurie Koreivo said. "It’s the one thing in life he truly loves."

She found that out the hard way in 1987, on a cold snowy day at Beaver Stadium in State College, Pa. Koreivo did not budge until Penn State had defeated Notre Dame, 21-20.

"We were just dating at the time," he said. "She stayed throughout the game, which weighed heavily in my decision to marry her."

She may have had no choice. "I just remember being too cold to move," Laurie said.

Better Than Crap?  Awesome!:  The Penn State previews keep coming, but here's something slightly more interesting from -- teams who will be better than you think:

8. Penn State: The preseason mag that I'm glancing at right now (Sporting News) has Penn State seventh in the Big Ten. I just don't see it. Whether Darryl Clark or Pat Devlin starts at QB, the offense should be able to move the ball with Evan Royster at RB and the great WR group. There are questions on defense, but not enough for a horrible year. Bank on this: PSU will be 4-0 and ranked in the top 15 when Illinois visits on Sept. 27.

Okay, "better than The Sporting News thinks" might be more appropriate.  I'm not sure anyone in a reasonable frame of mind thinks that Penn State will be the #7 team in the conference.  And if they're not 4-0 heading into the Illinois game, well, there's going to be much more trouble than just living down to TSN's expectations.

Welcome To My Hell, Coastal Carolina:  The Chanticleers (I know, I know...) are preparing for the noise at Beaver Stadium by, you guessed it, blaring annoying techno music into their little stadium:

The stadium and portable speakers were again blaring with a mix of techno and crowd noise during CCU's scrimmage Saturday. The noise attributed to a high number of false starts and miscommunication for the offensive line.

CCU offensive linemen Seth Smalls told Coastal coach David Bennett that one such mistake was related to the noise in Brooks Stadium. Bennett responded by saying he better watch the ball at Penn State. The problem with watching the snap is it gives the defense an advantage on what could be a very tough day for Coastal Carolina quarterbacks.

"We have to learn to communicate by signals, sign language," Bennett said.

Don't worry, Coastal.  The crowd won't be into it by halftime.  Meanwhile, the Chants are still looking for a quarterback.  Techno should be the least of their concerns.


Now is the time on Sprockets vhen ve dance!

Fullback?  I Still Get Paid, Right?:  Tony Hunt has impressed Andy Reid enough to be tried out at another position of need for the Philadelphia Eagles:

The Eagles will have a new fullback taking some of the reps with the first team offense today at practice. His name is Tony Hunt, the team's third round draft pick in 2007. Hunt has impressed head coach Andy Reid with his play on offense and, more importantly, on special teams in recent weeks.

On the surface, some may see this as a demotion, but Hunt has obviously made enough of an impact on Reid that the coach seems to be looking for a solid excuse to keep him on the team.  He'll see the ball a lot more at fullback (think lots of check-down passes and goal-line playaction stuff) than he would as the #4 running back.  Hope it works out for him.

In Scores From Other Games:  A chance to bid on a football autographed by Joe Paterno and some guy who used to beat up on the University of Mexico and Millington Naval Air Station.  Austin Scott is hoping to get a few carries tonight against the Giants.   Evan Royster is pretty good.  Dan Connor gets adjusted to the NFL.  A great story about a former Penn State player who lost a leg at war...and still wanted to come back and play after being released from a German POW camp.