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As The Blogdome Turns


Links from around our digital world...

  • Excellent fanpost bump over at BHGP on the merits of a good tailgate.  Both the pride required for cold weather drinking and the stubbornness of a midwesterner's dedication to the pure have been captured, probably highlighted best by this line: "When you have ice in your drink despite there being no chance that it will melt due to the temperature, because dammit, beer should come from a cooler with ice." 
  • Everyone's favorite blog dedicated to Ohio State and Michigan banter, The Rivalry, Esq, has laid down the eleven things they want out of the 2008 season.  At #4: "I want people to stop talking about Joe Paterno retiring."  Also an interesting take on the recent troublemakers:
    No Nittany Lion player has ever thought, "Hey, my coach is so old that he has forgot to instill discipline, F*** it, lets go break down a door and assault someone." Paterno's age just isn't relevant, only his results are.
  • TINNOMJ answers the question we've all been asking ourselves for the last couple of weeks: what is a glorified wishbone?  Complete with pictures.
  • Oregon State experts Building The Dam took in a practice this week and decided the Beavers will either be "amazing, or crappy", which confirms my confusion about our week two opponent.  They came in (essentially) #42 in the AP poll and were picked to finish sixth in conference by the media.