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BSD College Pick 'Em Game on ESPN

I know the title sounds like a shameless plug for the World Wide Leader, but the search engines eat that stuff up.

I've probably been asked a dozen times over the past week if we're going to do the pick 'em game again this year. The answer is yes, and maybe CoolHandLucky will let someone else win this year.

To enter go to the ESPN College Pick 'Em page. You may have to sign up for an account if you don't have one already. If you're like me you're apprehensive about these things, but it's free and to date I haven't got any spam mail from ESPN so I give it the BSD Household Seal of Approval.

Once you set up your account create an entry and then select join a group. Here is the information you will need to join the BSD game.

Group Name: Black Shoe Diaries
Password: joepa

I'm not sure what, but we'll come up with something to give away. In the past the winner got a $50 gift card. Maybe we'll give away some Penn State merchandise this year or something. I'm pretty sure I can get some #14 jerseys pretty cheap at the Student Bookstore or something.