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Blue & White Roundtable: The Beginning Of The Beginning

Almost forgot, didn't you?  You're wasting time in Blogfrica (Blogbabwe?  Blogistan*?).  It's a Wednesday.  It's football season**.  That means it's time for the 8,395 Penn State blogs to put their pasty heads together for Blue & White Roundtable. 



Also, before we begin, allow me to plug Kevin's Penn State Bars post.  Find a viewing spot in your neighborhood, or help a fellow Penn Stater locate a place to watch the weekend's slaughter.

This week's questions are written by our old friend, William F. Yurasko.

Joining in are the usual jokers:

If there are more participating, let me know in the comments.  It's often hard to keep track of this mess.

1. What are you optimistic about this season (Anthony Morelli running out of eligibility does not count)?

I'm certain that Evan Royster is going to have a tremendous year.  I'm optimistic that Daryll Clark will play well.  The running game should take pressure off him during the non-conference schedule.  Hopefully, that will give him an opportunity to get comfortable throwing the ball.  There will be days in the Big Ten when he'll have to move the team with his arm.

2. What are you pessimistic about this season?

The back seven of the defense.  The linebackers scare me until further notice, and the secondary really needs to rebound from a poor 2007.   They'll be fine this week, but Oregon State's Mike Riley is a very good offensive coach.  He'll do his best to create confusion and mismatches next Saturday.

3. Who is the most important player on either side of the ball?

I almost went with Gerald Cadogan, but it has to be Maurice Evans.  With Sean Lee out of the lineup, Evans is the true game-changer on defense.  If he goes down, the pass rush gets to the quarterback a second or two later, and the secondary likely gets fried.

Lightning Round

How many games are you going to this season? 

Three, for sure.  Maybe more, unless my Saturdays are scheduled away by The Future Mrs. Up The Score*** spent totally humping on Scarlett Johannson.

Do you have Big11Ten Network? 

Yessir, I'm a new DirecTV subscriber and loving it.  Even if I have to watch the same crappy Big Ten promotional ads.

Where is Coastal Carolina located? 

South Carolina.  Proximal to a bunch of golf courses which are usually infested by chubby, pale northerners.

What record will Penn State have on January 9?  


* Southwest Blogistan Tech may be on Penn State's 2010 schedule.

** This is for real.  When it's 50 degrees at sunrise in central Pennsylvania, you know it's football season.

*** I lack descended testicles.