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An Upset Victory? No, Chants.

We tracked down Travis Sawchik (Ohio State graduate!), who covers Coastal Carolina for The Sun News in South Carolina, and asked him three quick questions about the Chanticleers.

1.  CCU head coach David Bennett recently said, "That's a tall task, Coastal Carolina going to beat Penn State … It would be nice at halftime not to be getting obliterated." Is that a reasonable goal for the Chants on Saturday, or is Coach Bennett trying to lock his team into a "nothing to lose" mentality?

Coastal is talking about winning little battles …. Picking up first downs, forcing Penn State to punt … CCU is well aware of what it is up against. Even Bennett will tell you that this CCU squad is not up the level of Appalachian State.

2.  Which Coastal players are likely to give Penn State the most trouble?

Marrio Norman is an excellent corner with the potential to play on Sunday. Right tackle Britt Leggett is also of interest to NFL scouts.

3.  Any idea on a starting quarterback yet?

No official word. My guess would be that Zach MacDowall starts, but both MacDowall and Will Richardson will play.

For more on CCU's game preparations, head over to his "Inside CCU Sports" blog.  He's reporting from State College right now ("Wet and gray" in Happy Valley?  Never!) and has some additional tidbits regarding CCU's personnel.

See you tomorrow morning in the game thread.