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Coastal Carolina Immediate Impressions

We'll have more analysis to follow in the coming days, but I wanted to give you some of my immediate impressions following the game. We're also approaching nearly 500 comments in the open thread so feel free to use this as a new thread to discuss the other games going on today.

Overall I came away very impressed, or at least as impressed as you can be in a blowout win over a Div. I-AA team. The offense had 59 points, 260 yards passing, 334 yards rushing for 594 total yards. But most importantly no turnovers.

I thought both quarterbacks looked solid. I'm comfortable with either one of these guys leading the team.

The running backs are deep and very good. We'll be just fine there. And the offensive line paving the way did an excellent job. I can't recall a single sack all day.

The defense was ok, but they gave up 250 yards and a few big plays. I was hoping for more than just one turnover. They certainly had their opportunities.

No injuries to report so this is good.

We'll take a few days to let this sink in and pick apart. Then we'll move on to Oregon State. For now enjoy the rest of the games today!