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College Pick 'Em Update

Congrats go to Dr. Nick, Ackiewicz, and psuphiman80. All three of them were perfect in their week two picks. May you all live long and prosper.

Ackiewicz, who should next time really consider a name that's easier to spell, takes the overall lead with 106 points. But we're all on borrowed time as CoolHandLucky, the BSD resident supreme prognosticator and pick 'em expert, lurks in a tie for seventh place.

Your humble blogger has had a disappointing start scoring 42 points each of the first two weeks which has me sitting in a tie for 48th. I always start slow on these things and come on strong at the end to finish in the top ten.

The games this week feature some real head scratchers for me.

Wisconsin at Fresno State
Ohio State at USC
Georgia at South Carolina
Oklahoma at Washington
Auburn at Mississippi State
Oregon at Purdue
Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech
Iowa State at Iowa
Michigan at Notre Dame

Any thoughts? Would the winners from last week like to offer an upset special?