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As The Blogdome Turns


  • The anticipation of what the refs will think up by next year's UConn game is killing Temple Football Forever.  The blown call in last year's game was truly a joke and led directly to us all having to stomach UConn's rise to (and I still can't believe this actually happened) 13th in the BCS rankings.
  • LaVar Arrington, who had his deal to buy the Sports Cafe swiped from under him, literally wishes a plague on the crooked owner of the place.  This is not only totally warranted, but also totally awesome.
  • After a humbling win against Duke this week, LTP wonders if the schedule needs to be more focused on fan interest rather than taking a 4-0 OOC record to the bank. 
  • LTP actually takes a shot at PSU's week three opponent, Syracuse.  TNIAAM is depressed but hardly uninterested.  We'll catch up with them in a couple of days.
  • Paint The Town Orange reacts to Illinois' week two performance and expresses concern about their run defense.  Penn State's Big Ten opener against the Illini is just three short weeks away.
  • This one is from the vault, but for you game theorist, the now defunct Pitch Right posted a thorough analysis of what to make of the new craze that's sweeping the nation: the hula hoop the spread offense