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Nitt Picks Goes Around the Big Ten

For some timeI've been meaning to start a series where we take a weekly spin around the Big Ten to see what's going on, but with moving to Houston and dodging hurricanes every other week it's been a bit busy lately. But today I told myself I'm going to do it. So here we go.

Lake the Posts is breaking out the purple Kool-aid over Northwestern's 3-0 start.

O-Line Questions Answered

  • Yes, the Cats offense has yet to hit 5th gear, but the "big" question in the off-season was our o-line. The Cats currently rank 9th in the nation having only given up 1 sack on the season. Only Wisconsin has done better in the Big Ten.
  • Of course he's not the only one high on the Purple Cats.

    C'mon guys. You beat Syracuse, Duke, and Southern Illinois and you're breaking out the Kool-aide already? When you beat teams like Syracuse, Coastal Carolina, and Oregon State you can...yeah ok...drink up.

    Black Heart Gold Pants has your coverage on Charlie Weis' leg injury.

    There is No Name On My Jersey is worried about the Temple game. No seriously.

    This week sets up to be a classic trap game for Penn State.  The Lions have dominated their opponents in each of their three games this year.  Also, no game has been close even early in the contest.  Next week PSU starts Big Ten play as Illinois rolls into town for the Lions first test of the season.  Could the team be looking past Temple to the Illinis?

    If Eleven Warriors is any indication, the fans may beginning to turn on Jim Tressel in Columbus. They think the decision to bite the bullet and go with Terrelle Pryor is now.

    Badgercentric takes a look at Wisconsin and statistically compares them to great Badger teams of the past. The early prognosis is favorable, but then two of their three games were against Akron and Marshall. So, yeah.

    Paint the Town Orange was not impressed by Illinois' narrow win over Louisiana-Lafayette.

    Off The Tracks likes the way Penn State is playing, and doesn't like his Boilers' chances when the Nittany Lions travel to Ross-Ade Stadium.

    Penn State hasn’t truly played anyone yet, but in that they haven’t allowed an opponent to have even a glimmer of a chance. They may be the only team in the conference that has played 12 complete quarters so far. They won’t be tested again this week when they host Temple. Of the 3-0 teams against varying opponents of difficulty Penn State has been the most impressive by far. I expect them to be 5-0 when they come to Ross-Ade for our next chance at a ranked opponent. I also expect to be 0 for our last 16 against ranked opponents once it is over.

    Maize-n-Brew, like most Michigan blogs, is still on the honeymoon with Rich Rodriguez.

    Six wins looks like a pipe dream at this point, but I thought the offense looked pretty decent, minus Minor, Grady, and Threet's fumbles. This team, with the exception of our safety play, will be pretty good by season's end. I think everyone needs to take a deep breath, and realize the majority of the mistakes in this game were by young, inexperienced players. It'll get better, it's just not goign to get better quickly.

    It looks like Michigan is in for a pretty rough year. We'll see how long RichRod's leash is.