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Return;a of the trdunk post

Wooooooo it's beena a long time since awe broke out the drunk post. RFOr thsoe of you knew to BSD, yuopu're in for a treat. I hoape you'll enjuoy this as much asa I'll reagret it in the morning.

Fr4iast off, if any ofa you are thingking about mvoing to tExas, don'.t THis place blows. Wehn you're not duking from a hricane every other week you're sweeting your balls off in 110 degtre heat. It'sc kidn of cool youacan buy ar beer at the gas station, but I"m probvaly 1200 miles from the nearst Yuenling Lager, so it's not really worht it. Butra oh yes, they have the cAPtian here. Aaarhgh me hardties.

Now, so fafre Penn astTe is off to t a great saatart. Some poepld probably think I"m rdingking the Kool aide. That's totgal bull;shoit. I"ve been drinking so me Sam Adams Boston Lager, a bottle of some kind of Merlot, threed Captain and cOkes, and a bottgle of Shiner Bo ck so far, btu no Koollo Aide tonight.

REdf Rock. Red Rock Melrot. That's twhat it wats. Now I mrembembr.

Holy hell Did a mention TReaxas sucks? You think JErsay cirlcles were badc? Tyr figuring out Texxas service roads. You'll be drinving down the highrway and y'ull see the plcae you want to og, but until you getg off, drive down the road, fugure out twhere you're dsopposed to do a U-turn come back and make thre right turn wto cross the highway it'll take you 20o mintures to tget there.

I'm watching the Colracxodo-West Vrigina game on ESPN tongihnnt.

Darek and rdusty, paint ted on the sky.
Misty daste of moon shine, tear drop in mey eye.

County roooooooad take me hoooooooome
to the plaaaaaaaace I beloooooooong
West VIringeaaaaaaaa Mountain Momaaaaaaaa
Take me hooooooooome Counteyr roooooooad

Apparently there's a blackout goin on in Colaraedo. It's six miutes to go tin the fourhts quarter and a just realized this. I distinchitly noticed Zombie nation playing on the peoning kickoff too. I'm just wainting rfor a "We Are...Colorado" cheer to break out.  Getr your own friggin ideas, man. How come everyone wasntgs to steal our sthit but nobody wasnts to streal those stuopid Oregeon uniforems? OR the crappy sxcript Ohoi? Oooo, the tube player dots the I. Big friingin dreal. Can he stop the srpead offense? Cuiz your coach sure can't.