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As a former Blogpoll (yes, that's last week's edition) participant, I can vouch for the fact that it's a difficult chore and rather easy to make a mistake when putting a Top 25 together.  However, somebody who still places Penn State four spots below East Carolina after ECU lost to an awful N.C. State team should probably have his Associated Press privileges revoked.  This is part of your job description, Pollsters.  At least pretend to take it seriously!

A list of where each voter ranked Penn State can be found here.  If the fate of Penn State's weekly rankings fell solely upon the ESPN GameDay crew, we'd be in good shape.  Fowler has us at #8, Herbie at #9.  Even the much-maligned punching bag of college football, Stewart Mandel, has us at #9.  Good thing his weekly ballots don't appear to be affected by the volume of incoming hate mail.