Beavers vs Trojans first quarter thoughts...

Does anyone else get annoyed by the media singing USC's praises year-in year-out 2 and 3 games into the season?  Everybody is so ready to crown Mark Sanchez as Heisman God, but I'm unconvinced...

USC's defense is looking at least a step slower than Or State, and sloppy as well.  I'm rooting heavily for this upset (hard to do since I live in Southern Cal amidst all the USC faithful).

Also, this game may reinforce my frustration about the media criticizing our OOC schedule.  We have played two BCS teams who have historically (i.e. when we added them to the schedule) been tough teams. 

...Will they still criticize us for spanking Or State after the Beavs beat the mighty Trojans?? ;)

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