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Blue White Roundtable is Uninspired

1. Oregon State finished with 404 passing yards last week. Does that worry you at all, considering PSU gave up some quality passing yardage to CCU?


2. If there's one unit in particular that has to play well this week, which one is it? Which unit could disappoint?

The secondary for both parts. 

3. OK, elephant in the room. How big will the "5204" story get? If two of the players originally suspected of being there (*cough--thanks Collegian--cough-cough) weren't actually there at the time, how much of this has already been blown out of proportion? Does this effect Saturday's game?

A lot and yes.

Lightening Round

How many passes will Pat Devlin attempt?

I don't know.

How many times will Daryll Clark run the ball?

I don't know

What will this week's Game Day Pins say? You know, the ones Citizens Bank gives out.

Probably some clever play on the word Beaver.