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Paterno: Evans, Koroma, Quarless Out For Saturday

So says the old man from Brooklyn on his weekly call-in show.  A.J. Wallace will play.   Also, Willie Harriott has been removed from the team.  Scuttlebutt is a DUI the night after the Nittany Apartments incident.

I don't care if a few players are getting high*, in that the act itself doesn't appall me considering the grand spectrum of Football Player Shenanigans.  It's the utter lack of regard for consequences in the face of ongoing disciplinary incidents that is troubling.  Forget the drugs, team loyalty, leadership, and all that other stuff for a moment.  Even for selfish reasons, doesn't it have to click in the mind of guys like Evans and Wallace that they should be looking out for the size of their own wallets in less than two years?   Why have the stuff in the apartment in the first place?  They just cost themselves 10-20 spots in the NFL draft at a minimum, even if they're completely clean.

* -- Allegedly, counselor.

UPDATE from Mike: The Daily Collegian has the story.