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Oregon State: Initial Post Game Thoughts

  • With all the clowns at ESPN, it was amazingly refreshing to hear Kirk Herbstreit, before the game, give his take on the whole "reefer madness" situation.

    He seems legitimately angry about this, and I couldn't agree more with his point.  Whether fair or not, the OTL piece was increased scrutiny for a team that has in fact had a lot of legal problems.  We didn't need another headline.  I think Kirk does a good job here.

  • It was interesting to see Quarless in pads yesterday.

It sounded to me like Quarless and Wallace were the two who were still actually at the apartment, so for Koroma and Evans to be the two in street close yesterday is curious. 

  • Shout out to the ESPN director who decided to completely pull the game from the air here AT THE END OF THE THIRD QUARTER.  I know the game was probably decided, it was 47-7, but they cut to the Oklahoma game.  The score there: 42-20.  WTF?!?  They then cut to the Wake Forest game, but it was already on ESPN2 here, so, again, WTF?  I wasn't pleased.
  • I can't believe Joe Paterno is older than sliced bread.  That's hilarious.
  • The offense, obviously, looked good.  We'll get into the stats and go through it unit by unit later, but a couple of things stuck out: (1) they were able to convert long third downs.  It got to the point where I was comfortable watching them play third and long; what a difference a year makes.  (2) The balance was great.  Ten first downs rushing, eleven passing.  Yardage was also pretty much split.  (3) Royster is the real deal.  The best play of the game was probably the third touchdown; he simply turned on two defenders and out ran them to the corner.
  • Did I really see the wave with eight minutes left in the first quarter?
  • The defense played about as bland as you will ever see.  They almost never rushed more than four guys and, as we all have come to expect, played real soft on the receivers.  They gave up a lot passing yardage but seemed to be very focused on preventing the home run play.  They gave up several ~20 yard passes, but nothing over 22. 
  • I still haven't quite come to grips with the loss of Jerome Hayes.
  • Oregon State's punter had a bad game.  He really should have just kicked that one in the 2nd quarter.
  • Josh Gaines had a great game.  For those of you who haven't yet read this story, get on it.