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Blogpoll Ballot - Week 2

First off let me say I had to compromise and go to a home show with the wife on Saturday afternoon, so I missed all the early games. I figured the weekly television line up looked pretty crappy, so this was a good weekend to earn some favor by sacrificing a little football. But I was home in time for the Penn State game and later watched the second half of Miami and Florida. Here is the ballot for this week.


Rank Team Delta
1 Southern Cal 1
2 Florida 1
3 Georgia 3
4 Oklahoma 1
5 LSU --
6 Texas 1
7 Ohio State 3
8 Auburn 2
9 Missouri --
10 Penn State 4
11 Kansas --
12 Alabama --
13 Texas Tech --
14 Wisconsin 1
15 South Florida 1
16 Oregon 1
17 Arizona State 1
18 East Carolina 5
19 Brigham Young 1
20 Clemson 1
21 West Virginia 13
22 Wake Forest 2
23 Utah 2
24 California 2
25 UCLA --

Dropped Out: N/A

Movin' On Up

Southern Cal - I know. How can I move them up when they didn't even play and Florida won? Well, Florida was clinging to a 9-3 lead late in their game over a Miami team I thought they would completely destroy. So I guess this is more a function of moving Florida down more than anything else. I probably would have put USC #1 next week anyway after they beat Ohio State this weekend.

Georgia - The Bulldogs looked a lot better this week, but still gave up 17 points to Central Michigan.

Penn State - Yeah baby! Excuse me while I wipe this Kool-Aid mustache off my upper lip. Wo0t!!1! The Spread HD is the equivalent of the West Coast Offense back in the 80's. While the defense isn't very deep, I think they have enough talent to be good. Stroughter and Morales combined for 308 yards receiving and 3 TD against Stanford. They only got 96 against Penn State with no touchdowns.

East Carolina - Congrats on your wins over Virginia Tech and West Virginia. It's impressive now, but I have a suspicion before long we'll see how overrated these teams really were.

Movin' On Down

Florida - See above. They really should have blown out Miami more than they did.

Ohio State - Buckeyes - Beanie = Very Average

West Virginia - OMG Shocking! The Mountaineers lost to East Carolina! Isn't this the same team that also laid an egg against Pitt to end last season? So why are we shocked about this loss too? The Big East is so terrible they are just the default team everyone expects to run the table so everyone just throws them in their preseason top ten.

Let me know if there are any glaring mistakes in here.