Secondary Exposed?

Obviously the secondary was the weak link in this game.  My question is, how much of this beatdown can be attributed to the atheleticism of our corners/safeties as it can be to defensive schemes created by Tom Bradley?  All i'm hearing is how bad our safeties and corners are, and how they just cant match up physically with the USC receivers.  I'm not buying that so much.  I really think Tom Bradley deserves the blame for this loss.  I don't think Tony Davis or Lydell Sargeant should be blamed much for the debacle in the 2nd quarter, specifically because they almost never went out of Cover 3.  Sanchez kept hitting his receivers on the deep slant/post routes and just putting in between the safety and the corner ALL DAY LONG.  After seeing two touchdowns on the same type of play, isn't the smart thing understanding that no matter how good your secondary is, your soft zone cover 3 continues to be beat? Shouldn't we change up the defensive scheme to man for a few plays?  Except for a few instances, I don't think the corners were ever really given a chance to go one on one with a receiver and show what they could do.  I personally think they have the talent to have done it, but were never given a real chance.  Bradley should be taking the heat for the dissection of our secondary, not so much the players.  Am I wrong?

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