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Larry Johnson Sr. To Stay At Penn State, World Will Not End

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Gimme a defensive line coach and a siren WOOOOO BITCH!!!!!!!

So this is good great news:

PSU football's prime recruiter and one of its best teaching assistants has, after a lengthy and serious flirtation with Illinois, decided to stay at Penn State, according to dependable sources within the university.

Larry Johnson, who has recruited 11 of the 23 commitments on Penn State's docket for signing letters of intent next month, has spurned a lucrative offer from Ron Zook and decided Penn State is where he belongs.

I'm interested in the details.  We'll make sure to update when they become available.

Update:  The Harrisburg Patriot-News broke the story, FOS confirms it.  They also add these details:

At that time, Lion head coach Joe Paterno was out of the office attending a coaching convention. Paterno did not have a chance to meet with Johnson until Wednesday.

As of Wednesday evening, multiple sources close to the program anticipated Johnson would leave.

By Thursday afternoon, however, the rest of the staff was reportedly told Johnson would return.