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What Lies Ahead

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Two well-known Penn State columnists take a look at the remainder of the season.  Bob Flounders carries on the proud Patriot-News tradition of predicting failure:

Penn State's post-season destination will be determined by four games. The problem is that three of the games are on the road.

From here, it looks like 2-2 or 1-3 for Paterno's team.

PSU plays at Michigan (Oct. 24), at Northwestern (Oct. 31), hosts Ohio State (Nov. 7) then closes out the regular season in East Lansing against Mark Dantonio's Michigan State team.

Frank Bodani of the York Daily Record sees a constantly improving Nittany Lions team:

Actually, the Lions, despite questions at safety and on special teams, might be about the most balanced team in the league.

Just look at the next two weeks. Minnesota and Michigan both have suspect defenses. The Gophers can't protect their quarterback, and the Wolverines aren't even sure who will run their offense.

The point is that Penn State really has no excuse to finish less than 10-2.

No good excuse, really, to lose to anyone other than Ohio State, which just might be too good on defense and special teams.

And while this will shock many of you, I'm leaning Bodani's way.  There just aren't enough good teams left on Penn State's schedule to be worried.