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This Should Be Fun: No Parking In Grass Lots

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[Update #1: I've added an Emergency Ticket (and more) Exchange Thread, because people are surely dropping like flies right now.

Update #2: Additional details on the parking situation, including shuttle sites, handicap parking (those jerks get all the good spots!) have been released.  I've replaced the earlier press release with the more recent, detailed version.  Also, one of the kind souls at FightOnState has produced tthis Google map of the shuttle pick-up sites -- RUTS]


Football parking changes for Saturday detailed

Friday, October 16, 2009

Between 2 and 8 inches of additional wet, heavy snow has been forecast for University Park overnight tonight (Oct. 16) and before gametime Saturday. Penn State is asking football patrons coming to the Homecoming game vs. Minnesota at Beaver Stadium to be patient and understanding, as the hazardous conditions in the area have taken roughly 20,000 parking spaces offline for the game.

Football fans are being urged to carpool, and those who can walk to the stadium – particularly students – should do so.

University officials are working to identify alternative parking areas. All grass lots will be closed. Those bringing RVs to the game may be redirected to other locations for parking. The following procedures will be in place in paved and gravel lots:

-- Pink numbered, reserved lots, preferred lots (orange, blue and black) and all general yellow parking will be redirected to space-available lots either on campus, or in designated lots in the community.

-- Parking in numbered, reserved lots (green, red and purple) will be on a first-come, first-served basis for permit-holders in those lots. Parking will be restricted to one space per vehicle until 11 a.m. or until the lots are filled. If the lots are not filled by 11 a.m., they will be opened to the general public, with the restriction of one space per vehicle remaining in place.

-- All ADA parking will be located in the East Parking Deck on Bigler Road. This parking deck will be open only to those with ADA parking permits, and it will be serviced by the ADA shuttle.

-- Penn State is working to partner with area businesses to have football patrons park in these community lots and be shuttled to Beaver Stadium. Shuttle service to the game will be provided to those parking in the following parking lots: the Benner Pike Wal-Mart; Sam’s Club; Chem Cut; Target; Lowe’s; Home Depot; the former Corning plant on East College Avenue; and the Big Lots Plaza. More information on this will be posted as additional community parking locations are identified.

Patrons with passes for the lots listed above who arrive after these lots are filled, or after 11 a.m., will be redirected to another lot.

For questions about parking, call 800-NITTANY.