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Come To Penn STAAAAATE: Khamrone Kolb

Give me commit #20 and a SIREN WHOOOOOOO!!!

More good news on the recruiting front as Penn State landed a verbal commitment from Virginia offensive lineman Khamrone Kolb right after the game on Saturday.

Kolb is the fourth offensive lineman in this class along with Miles Dieffenbach, Luke Graham, and Thomas Ricketts. Both recruiting services rank him as a three star prospect. Though there may be an urge with this star studded recruiting class to look at a three star prospect and wonder, "Why are we taking this kid?" Make no mistake, Kolb is a solid Div IA prospect. He had a list of offers from schools like Virginia, Maryland, Connecticut, Illinois, Wisconsin, North Carolina, NC State, Virginia Tech, and Syracuse.

I had a chance to watch some of his film this morning and I came away pretty impressed. Kolb shows a nice nasty streak and holds his blocks well. He's stays on his man until he either puts him on his back or he hears the whistle blow. On some plays you can see the play gain 20 yards, and Kolb is still back at the line of scrimmage roughing up some poor defensive end. I'm also impressed with his athleticism. In this video by the Washington Post, you can hear his coaches talk about how they move him around from the offensive line to tight end, fullback, and even the slot to take advantage of his blocking ability.

With the addition of Kolb, recruiting is most likely done for the offensive line. By my projections there are still one or two slots available in this class. Mr. Floyd and Mr. Lattimore...come on down!