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Joe Paterno Press Conference Notes

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Here are the quick bullet points from Joe's press conference today.

  • The presser got off on an odd note today when a reporter asked Joe about his recruitment of Tate Forcier and Joe acted like he didn't know what the reporter was talking about.
Joe, you and your staff recruited Tate Forcier. Can you talk about the adjustment he's made from high school to college football?

Joe Paterno:
You said our staff recruited him? Is that right?


Joe Paterno:
We knew about him; we didn't really recruit him. He really didn't have a lot of interest in us, I don't think. But anyway he's --

I found this a little shocking since Forcier made an UNOFFICIAL VISIT FROM CALIFORNIA. If a kid pays his own way to fly across the country to visit you're school it's safe to say he's interested. Given Joe's ability to run into a guy that played for him but never started in 70's and ask him if his mom still makes that spaghetti he liked so much, I find it hard to believe Joe doesn't remember recruiting Tate Forcier. I hope this doesn't give Tate any bulletin board material.

  • Ako Poti is going to get the start at right tackle again this week. McCormack still "has an ankle".
  • Stephfon Green is still uncertain. They considered playing plugging Powell in at running back but decided against it. They'll play Beachum and Royster. They can even play Suhey at running back if they have to. Dukes is going to redshirt.
  • Brent Carter will probably be okay to play.
  • Joe insists they are not looking to past disappointments in Ann Arbor for "extra motivation". He also said they were not looking at the Iowa game as revenge for last year.
  • When asked about the inordinate amount of penalties last week Joe kind of brushed it off. Says they preach no penalties all the time, and then he kind of jabbed the officials saying they were "bang-bang" plays, but two or three of them were "justifiable calls". Then he added, "But they were close."
  • Joe once again defended Collin Wagner saying he's doing "very well".
  • Joe compared Rich Rodriguez's situation in his second year to his own second year. Reminded people he went 5-5 his first year and feared for his job.
  • When asked about his health, Joe says he's holding up well this season. Hasn't missed a minute of practice yet.
  • Ugh...more bulletin board material for Michigan.
  • Joe, what's made Michigan stadium such a tough place to play in and win for you guys?

    Joe Paterno:
    I don't think Michigan stadium is a tough place to play.

    Do they really need more motivation?

    • There must have been four questions trying to get Paterno to comment on Tate Forcier's greatness as a freshman quarterback. Seriously, can't the Michigan reporters come up with anything else? Finally Joe took the bait and said Forcier reminded him of Tim Tebow, so get ready to read those articles the rest of the week.
    • Joe mentioned he thinks the team has made "decent progress" in recent weeks.
    • Says the tackles are going to have their hands full with Brandon Graham.
    • Joe had no comment on Ohio State and Terrelle Pryor losing to Purdue. He claimed he didn't watch the game.
    • When asked about the kickoff game he mentioned they haven't had many opportunities to return kicks due to the fact other teams haven't scored on them much. Then he added on he thinks their doing a good job.
    • Joe is not in favor of kids enrolling in January of their senior year in high school. He thinks kids should enjoy their time in high school. But he understands kids want to do that because it gives them a better chance to play their freshman year. It's hard to resist the temptation to bring a kid in early.
    • Chaz Powell wasn't thrilled with switching from defense last year, but he has adjusted well.
    • Wallace got the start over Timmons last week because his height matched up better with Eric Decker. This week Joe is not sure who will start. (Interestingly, the possibility of Lynn not getting the start doesn't appear to be on the table. Safe to say that spot is locked down for the next two years.)
    • They are preparing to see both Robinson and Forcier at quarterback.
    • Some of you may recall the story of Elijah Robinson. He was an offensive lineman a few years ago who had to give up the game because he had an abnormally narrow spinal cord that left him susceptible to neck injuries. Apparently, Joe offered him a position as one of two Penn State graduate assistant coaches. I wasn't aware of this, but I think it's a great story. Joe says Robinson relates to the players well and has the makings of a fine football coach. Maybe they are grooming a replacement for Dick Anderson who has been rumored to be retiring soon?