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Max Headroom Called, He Wants His Royalty Check

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Look, I love the "Penn State Football Story".  It's been a staple of my Sunday mornings for as long as I can remember watching Penn State football.  Okay, the length of actual game highlights has completely dwindled over the years, but the recent addition of the in-depth player/family profiles is nice.  Besides, nobody other than NFL Films can make a four-win season seem like such a magnificent accomplishment.  And talk about the memory hole -- good luck finding episodes of the PSFS about a Penn State loss on the internets!

However, I'm not sure I can ever defend the following atrocity, which was broadcast on this past weekend's PSFS.  Try to choke back your vomit and suppress the urge to convulse:



Seriously?  SERIOUSLY?   It's like a bad rave, only in place of the hypnotic effects of your grandfather's oxycontin, there's an actual octogenerian screaming gibberish over a thumping beat.