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Daryll Clark Posts 395.57 Passer Rating In Practice

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Clark is getting some press this week of the "he's not getting any press" variety:

ESPN has a video asking: so why can't he win the Heisman?  (Answer in the form of a question: Who cares about the Heisman?)

Disrespect on paper: Clark didn't make the cut on the simis list.

Bill Kline is beginning to see a trend in Paterno's cryptic pressers:

This is how Paterno normally begins his campaigns for his players. He did the same with Courtney Brown, Larry Johnson and Michael Robinson, noting in October that each was the best player at his position in the country, which wasn't paying any attention.

Remember "former Nit Devlin"?  Of course you do...and you thought the debate was over when he transferred:

"[Devlin is] more of a poised quarterback [than Clark], he's better in the pocket, he has good mobility," [ draft analyst Chris Steuber] said. "Clark has good mobility, as well, but Devlin just gives you the presence you want out of a quarterback. "Devlin, to me, just has better arm strength, he has better awareness in the pocket, delivers the ball on time. More of a complete quarterback at this time. I think when you look at Devlin, you see upside. I think when you see Clark, you see a project."

Yeah, so so much for respect. 

Thoughts?  Northwestern previews out shortly...