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BSD Staff Predictions: Northwestern Wildcats

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Your staff preview of this season's "let's get overly concerned" sandwich game...

Mike Says...

Evanston has been a place where Penn State can never seem to get an easy win. They have a 4-2 all time record there, but three of those wins have come by less than five points. Even the 2005 team needed a miracle pass from Michael Robinson to Isaac Smolko on 4th and 15 to pull out the win. So it's tempting to say this is going to be a difficult win for Penn State. But I'm just not seeing it.

The game in 2005 came a week before Penn State put it all together against Minnesota. This Penn State team has already played itself into a weapon of mass destruction. Northwestern has nothing that scares me on offense. And the defense is starting the waterboy and two managers in the secondary. This is not Northwestern circa 1995. Bring on the Buckeyes.

Penn State 35, Northwestern 17

Kevin Says...

They asked Pat Fitzgerald what he thought of the 2009 Penn State football team and his basic response was, "Man those guys are good." He's mostly right. The offense is first in the league in total yards, second in total points, and seems to have finally picked up an identity.

And I expect nothing less than proverbial bloodshed while Northwestern has the ball. Lee practiced all week and should be available to help defend against the short passing game Kafka brings. You've got what might be the very best defense in the country (1st nationally in points allowed, 4th in total yards) against a Northwestern team that ranks 60 to 100+ in most major offensive categories.

I expect 2005-Illinoisish chaos. In a good way.

Penn State 52, Northwestern 7

Ruts Says...

No reason to worry here. Northwestern's severely hampered by injuries in the secondary, so Penn State should be able to move the ball at will. Oh, and Northwestern can't run the ball. If this is any less than a mauling, I'll be disappointed.

Penn State 44, Northwestern 14