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Polls Get Jumpy: Penn State 14th in AP, 12th in Coaches

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After taking care of business against Illinois, Penn State moves up to 14th in the AP poll.  They were jumped by Miami, who registered a primetime win against Oklahoma, and also Oregon, who beat a 1-4 Washington State team.  I get the first one, not the second.

Jumps of note:

  • Cincinnati jumped Ohio State with a win over also in-state Miami Don't Call Us "Of Ohio"
  • The Boise State thrill ride is already on its way down; Virginia Tech needed only an underwhelming win over hapless Duke to jump the mid-major
  • More of a fall than a jump, but now #19 Oklahoma continues to feed off of the preseason hype - they are the only two-loss team in the poll

Penn State moves up to 12 in the Coaches' Poll and remains curiously ahead of the Hawkeyes, although it's getting harder to feel bad for Iowa when they keep skirting by their pay check teams.  Paterno and Ferentz have played very similar schedules, and while Penn State has looked much better against their cupcakes, it doesn't change the fact that Iowa is 5-0 and owns the head-to-head.

A note on the computers.  I've always used Sagarin as my go-to computer ranking, useful for trying to describe teams not in the top 25 of the human polls, but consider me off-the-bat skeptical so far.  I know computers need data to have a chance, and even a full season of college football isn't really enough for them to get comfortable, but like, really Sagarin:

Sagarin Rank*
1. Southern Cal
2. Alabama
3. Florida
4. LSU
5. Oregon

*This is combined rank, the one he likes best that includes "all" the data. 

A note on the SEC-Bloc in the middle: LSU, Alabama and Florida have, between them, only played one game against an SEC team ranked in the top three in their division standings; LSU's win this week against Georgia is the exception.